Fishing in Lipno

The use of internal combustion engines with an output of up to 10 kW has been permitted on the Lipno Reservoir since 2015. This amendment to the Act on Inland Navigation is absolutely essential for active local fishermen. To give you an idea, the lake is up to 10 km wide in places and in strong winds waves can reach up to 3 metres in height. Storms can arrive very quickly and almost without warning for the uninitiated. Sailing on the entire surface of the lake with nothing but oars or a weak electric motor has, therefore, always been hazardous to life. Permission to use internal combustion engines has brought a new dimension to fishing in Lipno. After testing different sizes of boats and engines, the following has proven to be the ideal composition: a stable, aluminium keel boat of approximately 5 metres in length, with an engine with a power of 5-10 HP. This should be supplemented with high-quality sonar equipment and an auxiliary motor, ideally bow-mounted. Such a boat can safely accommodate three fishermen for spin or plug fishing. Further fishermen will fit inside the boat, of course, but they will be competing for a fishing spot and will get in each other’s way. Boats equipped in this manner provide maximum comfort and enjoyment from catching predatory fish, and allow for actively searching for fish. The large area of the lake requires many kilometres of crossings and precise location of a fishing spot with the help of an echo sounder. We can find fish on the edges of the lake bed, in flooded buildings and in stump fields. In the early morning and in the evening we also fish close to the shore with surface lures.

Using a professionally equipped boat also allows you to attain several dozen bites per day and to reel in plenty of fish. It also considerably increases your chances of tracking down a cunning trophy piece.

Fishing permit (so-called guest permit) prices start at CZK 100 per day and CZK 250 per week. Daily permits for non-members of the Czech Fishing Union cost approx. CZK 450. Two-day, week-long, semi-annual and annual permits are also available. More info HERE.